Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi
600 California Street, Floor 1100
San Francisco, CA 94108


Date: Wednesday, August 26,1998 8:32 AM

From: clonia_cautis[SMTP:clonia_cautis ~]

To: william.long ~; robert.rudeen ~; sylvia.kwan ~

Subject:  Fwd: Meeting 8/25/98

  1. Project Schedule.

    Project Schedule received from the Client was transmitted previously to each JV partner and Team. This is a reminder: December 20, 1 998 100% skin package March 1999: 100% Construction Documents for the General Package

  2. Skin Package will include:

    • all floor plans

    • all ceiling plans( concern- ceiling perimeter items that influence the skin development)

    • detail plans of all perimeter elements ( ex: stair details and sections)

    • the 5 drawing series

    • structural drawings

    • civil drawings

    • ramp drawings

    • partial door schedule and hardware (exterior only)

    • mechanical elements connected to skin and roof (cooling tower)

    • security cameras attached to the building skin

    • fire protection elements attached to building skin

    • art work ( by others)

    • specifications pertaining to skin

  3. Milestones:

    • 25% printing September 15,1998

    • 50% printing October 15, 1998

    • 75% printing November 15, 1998

    • 90% printing December 3, 1998

    • 100% start plotting December13, 1998

    • 100%complete plotting December20,1998

  4. Drawing Completion

    At the 8/15,1998 Executive Committee Meeting the partners agreed that it will be in the JV's best interest to complete the packages sooner than March 1999.

  5. Manpower:

    KH team needs additional people. KH advises that there will be 4.5 people assigned to the project immediately. KH team did not know when the new team members will be in the field office. KH to advise. MWA will add a senior person to their team.

  6. Plotting updated drawings

    The team will plot updated drawings every time a particular drawing is updated ( this has been an ongoing request). Each Monday the "table" set needs to be updated.

  7. Drawing ownership

    Without drawing ownership and communication between individuals working on the CADD files we will continue to spent time without being efficient.

  8. Areas of concern:

    • CADD layer control/management

      The repeated request is to create an " automatic" plotting routine: " foolproof". We have run into tremendous problems at our DO phase due to lack of layer management control and lack of an automatic routine. Plots with the wrong layers printed have been continuously discarded resulting in wasted manhours and waisted reimbursable. This needs to be corrected=KH to advise of the completion date for this task. The team would like to see this task accomplished by September 3,1998.

    • "the table" check set was printed by MWA.

      CC asked the KH team to plot their portion of the work (4, 6,7, drawing series). The request is to complete the ploting by 8/27, 1998. (BP will be on vacation on 8/28,98).

  9. Scale of details

    Partition details, as advised before need to be 3"=1'0". use previous moscone set as a guide. Size of drawing and text should be copied from previous Moscone drawings. Let's not re-invent the wheels! Let's concentrate on content!

  10. Structural Bracing information

    All elevations, interior and exterior should indicate the brace frame elevations: dotted, half tone. Braced frame elevations for all elevations were provided by MWA. The information must be used by team and also transmitted to all consultants (HVAC/plumbing needs this info, they have requested it previously).

  11. Drawing List

    An updated drawing list was provided to the team. There is an enormous amount of work to be accomplished. Without a [???] team and additional time from each team member it will be impossible to complete the drawings and coordinate with consultants. Everybody's cooperation and hard work is essential to the success of this great Project.