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October 21, 1996 03 00070 96102101

Mr. Marc McGovern Construction Manager Construction Operations Division U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District 333 Market Street; Room 806A San Francisco, CA 94105 1905

Subject:   Oakland Harbor Project, Contract DACW07-95-C-0003
Action Item Status

Dear Marc,

Attached are planning drafts submitted to Tom Benero and discussed with Monti Jaggers on the Piling Debris matter that requires an RFP, and also on the Navy Sewer Line. Leonard advised the Contractor at the Oct 15 meeting to proceed per plans, as you urged at the Oct 9, meeting with the COE team following the meeting with Dutra and confirmed in discussions with Max on Oct 10.

Tom Benero plans to meet with Leonard tomorrow oa 0900 in advance of the weekly Progress Meeting with the Contractor, to finalize langauge for the piling RFP. Background on that matter is attached, along with Leonard's proposed RFP, which Tom wants to discuss tomorrow before finalizing.

Another matter that has come up is the Contractor's "rejection" of recent meeting notes. A draft response is under consideration by Monti and Tom Benero, per attached.

Possibly regular Action Item review within COE, as noted in the letter to Herb Cheong, would help maintain continuity of COE efforts in directing the work of the Contractor.



Rod Welch