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San Rafael, CA 94901
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October 14, 1996

                                                         Serial Letter No. 0177

Department of the Army
San Francisco District, Corps of Engineers
333 Market Street
San Francisco, CA  94105-2197

Attention:  Thomas Benero, Contracting Officer

Reference:  Contract No. DACW 07-95-C-0003

Subject:  Sewer Line Crossing

Dear Mr. Benero:
Attached, please find work description from our Consultant, GEI, drawings and cost proposal for the additional shoring required at the Union Pacific Railroad site where the pipeline makes landfall as described on the contract drawings.

Also attached is our consultant's description of the work involved in changing the alignment some 500 feet eastward, drawings and cost proposal for the work that would be additive to the current item price.

Summaries of each element and net cost/savings for changing the alignment and satisfying the demands of Union Pacific Railroad that slope stability be assured.

As you are aware, this situation of instability at the proposed sewer line interception whith land at the UPPR site has been known for many months. We have attempted to get the resolution without the formalties we are now involved in, to no avail.

We have attempted to be as proactive as possible to help solve a problem. We believe there is a solution that will satisfy the demands of Union Pacific Railroad while minimizing costs. The alternate pipe route presents this solution as shown in the attachments.

Your expeditous review is solicited. If there are questions, please contact us.



Robert D. Johnston President


Sewer Line Crossing -------------------

Summary -------

Extra Cost to stabalize slope per Dwgs. $372,848.78

Cost for re-routing pipe line $265,722.00

Savings to project $107,126.78

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