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April 2, 1996

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Lt. General Henry J. Hatch (Ret.)
Vice President
Fluor Daniel Corporation
1100 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22209
Subject:   PMI Asilomar Annual Conference, July 12 - 14, 1996
Leadership & Technology: Partnership for the Future
Telecon Hank/Rod Apr 3, 1996
Fluor, Hatch email to Welch Apr 4, 1996

Dear Hank,
The quote you have fashioned to introduce your remarks at the Asilomar Conference in July correctly recognizes the goal of bringing order to the New World Order of chaos created by technology that compresses time and distance. For many, the distinction between information and knowledge is a major awakening. We want to make this easy to remember as a critical ingredient for making the Information Highway productive in the 21st century.
The NWO paper uses "knowledge" to mean connecting information, time, and context for establishing and refining the accuracy of cause and effect. These steps are supported by SDS technology, which you will see on Wednesday, and are embodied in the call for a new management science of Communication Metrics that enables a better partnership between leadership and technology that makes management effective.
Here is another take on a quote you might consider approving....

"We must ensure that the New World Order of the Information Highway is not a world of disorder, imploding through constant rounds of downsizing from misunderstanding, miscalculation and conflict. At Asilomar I look forward to building a better partnership between leadership and technology by bridging the gap between culture and technology. The consequences of not doing so will be devasting: expensive, frustrating, divisive, demoralizing, and dysfunctional. The constant flow of information from meetings, calls, documents, email, and public media in the modern era must be converted into useful knowledge that is organized for action by priority to accomplish personal and team objectives.
Please let me know what you think, including any edits to release for publication in advertising the Asilomar Conference and your appearance.

Thanks very much.



Rod Welch