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March 12, 1996

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Mr. Henry J. Hatch
Vice President
Fluor Daniel Corporation
1100 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22209

Subject:   PMI Asilomar Annual Conference, July 14, 1996
Leadership & Technology: Partnership for Change

Dear Hank,

Here is our current agenda and biographies on speakers which we would like to use for advertising. Please advise of any additions or corrections you want on your portion.

Here is a link to discussions on Jan 25 with Turner Construction. Also notes of a meeting on Mar 7 with a lawyer who will speak at Asilomar. The conference will use ideas from these separate cultures to pose a new management science of Communication Metrics, and a new work role to perform it. The executive mindset has been molded over the past 5,000 years by technology (e.g., alphabet, mail, telephone, paper clips) especially the past 50 years (computers, celluar, fax, email), into the model of ancient hunter/gathers with no time to deliberate, discern, investigate. Technology has shrunk executive vision as it has compressed time and distance. You can broaden the vision, as called out in the New World Order paper. I look forward to hearing from you after April 15.



Rod Welch

Post Script

You may be contacted separately through an aquaintance you have at Kaiser Engineers. A member of PMI's Event Team is pursueing that channel.