Intel Corporation
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[received as a Powerpoint foil]

June 27, 1996

Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA  94111 2496

Subject:  PMI Asilomar Conference, Jul 12 - 14, 1996
                 Presentation Outline
                 Information at your Fingertips:  Myth or Reality

Here is our outline revised from the meeting on March 26, 1996:


Ms. Marcy Puhnaty
Manager of Mobile Promotions
Mobile & Handheld Products Group

PMI Asilomar Conference July 15, 1996

Information at your Fingertips
Myth or Reality

David Vannier
Director of Architecture
Intel Corporation

The Promise of Technology

  •  The Paperless Office
  •  Information on Demand
  •  Virtual Office
  •  Virtual Meetings

The Office Today

  •  Fax
  •  Email
  •  Voicemail
  •  Publications/Newspapers

The "Dream" Office

  [No detail - but it seems to extend the idea of the "dream" computer
  put forward as an idea at the 960103 meeting.]

The Result  [what technology is providing in the office today]

  •  A sea of data at your fingertips, but...
  •  Useful information is hard to find
  •  We're suffering from "Data Pollution."

What You Need  [from the "Dream" Office]

  •  The Right Information at the Right Time

The Key:  Accessability

  •  Access
  •  Anytime
  •  Anywhere
  •  Natural
  •  [   ]???

Can We Get There From Here

  •  You are Here

     [Graphic showing a complex, maze like, path]

  •  The "Dream" Office
  •  What advances in technology will get us to the Dream Office?

Natural Access:  Today's Problem

  •  Non-intuitive and inconsistant commands
  •  Keyboard input

Natural Access:  Solving

  •  OS/Apps???
  •  Voice Recognition

     o  Benefits
     o  Technology

        *  Performance level xxx
        *  Algorithm improvements

Instant Access:  Today's Problems

  •  Bootup time

     o  Have you ever heard of "booting up" a toaster or TV?

  •  Bandwidth Limitations

     o  The internet/intranet offers you easy access to vast amounts
        of data...but you're always waiting...

Instant Access:  Solving

  •  Change the paradigm to "Always on"

     o  ACPI and OnNow initiatives lay the foundation

  •  Bandwidth improvements????

Anywhere, Anytime Access:  Today's Problem

  •  We're still tethered

     o  Limited Battery capacity ties us to an AC outlet
     o  Lack of reliable, fast wireless connection ties us to a Telco jack

  •  ???

Anywhere, Anytime Access:  Solving

  •  Power Management
  •  Battery Technology
  •  ???
  •  GSM???

Intelligent Access:  Today's Problem

  •  Piles of data in various forms and locations

     o  ??
     o  ??

Intelligent Access:  Solving

  •  Internet/Intranet enables all data to be online and paves
     the way for intelligent searching

     o  Intelligent Sorting
     o  Intelligent Filtering
     o  Intelligent Searching
     o  Visualization
     o  Anticipatory
     o  Decision Support

So, By the year 2000...

Ok, so the "Dream Office" is a way's off...

  •  Here's how to take advantage of the future today:

     o  ??

  •  Identify Action Items