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March 26, 1996                                                                03 00069 00 FC UC CF AC 00110

Subject:  Asilomar Regional Conference
                Leadership & Technology: A Partnership for the Future


The variety and volume of technology available to assist those who lead and manage has never been greater. This technology is most evident in the burgeoning communications field including the Internet, E-mail, voice mail, pagers, cell phones, networks, and computer software designed to manage parts or all of this "Information Highway". However, the promise of technology for most leaders often has not produced better decisions. They are overwhelmed and frustrated by their inability to deal effectively with the sheer volume of information to which they are increasingly exposed.

New standards in the PMBOK and ISO require new leadership skills to raise personal and organizational productivity in order to compete and win in a global economy. New leadership skills will be required to add value to people and organizations seeking to avoid the spiral of implosion from traditional business practices being overwhelmed by the Information Highway. The Asilomar Conference will outline a partnership of skills and technology that can fulfill the needs of effective leadership.


Submitted by Sherrill Mc Donald at Asilomar Meeting - March 26, 1996

Leadership; the Challenge           Definition of leadership and how it is
                                    affected by today's ballooning

Human/Organizational Factors        How to improve human reliability and avoid
                                    potential failure within the project

Communication Failures = Lawsuits   Why communication failures are the
                                    primary cause of lawsuits and what can
                                    be done about it.

Communication: A success            Unique uses of communication tools can
                                    reduce risk and improve project team

Technology: Leadership Aide         Obstacles to leadership and how
                                    technology can help overcome them

Effective Habits                    An overview of the methods from the
                                    popular book, "The 7 Habits of Highly
                                    Effective People"

The Partnership Vision              How leadership and technology might
                                    function in a perfect world

Group think: questions              Break audience into groups of 4 or 5 to
                                    come up with two questions each for the
                                    Sunday panel

The Panel                           Distinguished speakers field the group
                                    questions and engage in a cross
                                    discussion of their own