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September 21, 1988                                                                   03 00053 8092102

Mr. Jeff Ghilardi
Resident Engineer
Tudor Engineering Company
Broadwater Dam Project
P O Box 67
Toston, MT  59643-0067

Subject:  Broadwater Power Project, Contract 1189 0951
                Scheduling and Planning
Dear Jeff,

Attached are the following documents:

  1. Discussion on Sep 19, 1988 with Paul Robinson, Dave Marsh.

  2. Draft Directive to Sletten re Scheduling

The recent record, and particularly Discussions on September 19, show that Sletten is not making a good faith effort to meet the contract provision to schedule the work. Their efforts are aimed toward positioning to present a claim.

Sletten does not have enough management strength to properly Schedule the job -- they don't really know what's going on, and, if they did, would not likely be able to develop a realistic schedule that meets the challenges they face. Therefore, it is most likely that schedule projections will continue to be incorrect, and this will harm the State in meeting its objectives and obligations.

There are three solutions. Let it happen. Attempt to acquire qualified Scheduling support within the Owner's side, or direct and encourage the Contractor to take the necessary steps to do it. I don't think Sletten would cooperate enough for it to be a good exercise for the Owner's side to provide the service. Therefore, I have drafted some language for a try to get Sletten to accomplish the task.

Recommend that you obtain supplemental opinions about these options based upon the data herein and elsewhere in the record. Generally the window of opportunity to meet DNRC objectives is closing quickly.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Clyde Earnest, VP Tudor
  2. Wayne Wetzel, DNRC
  3. Norman Bernard, DNRC