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September 16, 1988                                                                   03 00053 8091601

Mr. Jeff Ghilardi
Resident Engineer
Tudor Engineering Company
Broadwater Dam Project
P O Box 67
Toston, MT  59643-0067

Subject:  Broadwater Power Project, Contract 1189 0951
                Draft Tube Dispute
                Voith Letter September 12, 1988
Dear Jeff,

Attached is a review of Voith's letter on the DTL matter. Voith seriously misrepresents the record of its field instructions. This presents an alert that Voith's work requires greater scrutiny.

I strongly recommend a face to face meeting with Greg, his boss, John O'hare, and Ken Carlson to address the matters cited in the memo. Communication procedures need to be improved immediately. Voith's engineering needs to be reviewed by Tudor at Voith's facilities. Every communication needs to be verified. Consideration should be made to demand that Greg Snyder be replaced as Voith's representative for this project.


Rod Welch