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Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 19:29:40 -0800

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Mr. Steve Newbold
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Subject:   Communication Metrics Seminar


My wife Millie just completed a seminar today presented by Diana Cox-Prath, in Sacramento, California, for executive secretaries. Millie enjoyed Ms. Cox-Prath's work and congratulates Skillpath on an excellent seminar.

Millie further suggested I contact Skillpath about sponsoring a presentation on Communication Metrics, a management science I have created over the past 15 years.

Com Metrics solves the problem of information overload that impacts meetings, calls and email. Traditional business metrics for cost and schedule are addressed in formal education, seminars, company polices and procedure, however, adding metrics to communication is a new concept and far more useful because communication is the dominate task of management. Before work is performed, there is a lot of communication, and most of it is full of hidden errors due to meaning drift that result in extra cost, delay, conflict and often tragedy.

Executive training generally stresses verbal skills, time management and personal organization practices. These are popular because they promise a quick fix, but everyone knows they do not solve information overload. We have a different message, one that says technology can and must be used in a unique and different way. In a recent article, published in the Atlantic Monthly, Peter Drucker notes that the solution must recognize emerging lessons from cognitive science. Application of Com Metrics at PG&E, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and work with Intel the past few years reveals this method supports an intelligence role for the business sector....

Specific Skillpath programs can be tailored for executives, middle managers, support staff, private and government applications. I am currently working with Kaiser Medical on developing communication support to reduce the high cost of medical mistakes. Skillpath can bring this message to a wider audience.

You can evaluate the potential for Com Metrics to fit the Skillpath profile by reviewing my web site....

A seminar on Communication Metrics addresses strong social pressures that encourage near total reliance on verbal skills, and suppress literacy. The result is management by guess and gossip, hunch and hope, rumor and innuendo. A lot of people sense this, but have no idea how to address it. Skillpath can help tap this growing market of people who are frustrated by information overload.



Rod Welch