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May 20, 1999

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Mr. Morris E. Jones
Director of Architecture
Intel Corporation
350 East Plumeria; Mail Stop CHP02-1
San Jose, CA 95124

Subject: Com Metrics Doc Log, Training Idea

Dear Morris,

Over the past few weeks I created a doc log for SDS on the Internet that may partly meet your request on April 7 for addressing the viewpoint of the user. HTML formats can be created for most business forms, that can be linked into SDS for daily management, moving along the trail toward Enterprise Management.

Let me know what you think.

A second idea comes from getting the car serviced. SDS provides a record of lessons learned, that may point to a generic application for SDS as a "case study" generator to support training, as set out in my record for today.

Any comment on whether this might be easier for people to grasp?



Rod Welch