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March 29, 1999

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Mr. Steven Pinker, Ph.D.
Brain and Cognitive Science Department
Center Cognitive Neuroscience
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachesetts Avenue; NE20-413
Cambridge, MA 02139 4307

Subject:   How the Mind Works
Human Memory, Brain, Cognition
Communication Metrics

Dear Professor,

I have read your fascinating and powerful explantion of How the Mind Works. Your writing seems to support applying Cognitive Science to the field of management using Communication Metrics.

It would be a big help to get the file for your book, so it can be linked up into chunks for alignment with related sources, history and analysis. I can scan your book into a text file, but that takes quite a bit of time. Tom Landauer sent me his paper on LSA which revealed a lot of key insights about cognition, e.g., growing new knowledge, and meaning drift. I think your book can contribute substantially to advancing the art and practice of management, and ask your assistance by sending the computer file for your book as an attachment in an email. Or, if the book is on a web site, please let me know how to download.

Thanks for your consideration, and for an outstanding contribution to this new field.