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March 16, 1998                                        03 00050 98031601

Mr. R. Max Wideman
Wideman, R. Max
2216 West 21st Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V6L 1J5

Subject:  New World Order..., Communication Metrics, Book
                 Demonstrate Business Intelligence

Ref:   a. Communication Metrics Web Site Created, Mar 15, 1998
          b. Wideman letter Mar 8, 1998

Dear Max,
This letter provides an example of the "business intelligence" idea discussed earlier and in the NWO... book. The link below goes to the record of your letter to me on Mar 8. You can now examine backup (i.e., original sources), if needed, and as time permits, by clicking on links in the records.

The first step was developing a standardized format for a "chunk" of human memory, which I call SDS records.

Today, our second step activates external links between SDS records.

Links to external documents, like to your letter, a spreadsheet, plan detail, etc. are not active in the record. If you click on something like "ref DRT 1" you will get a blank at this time.

Since thinking, analysis and traceability (i.e., the "metrics) are in the SDS record, these first steps take us good ways toward "knowledge space," "business intelligence," what have you; and, beyond reliance on hunch and hope, guess and gossip.

While there are more pieces to create, people can get a feel for automated management, provided someone generates the content. As people integrate this kind of "intelligence" into their work practice, they will begin to feel the power of knowledge, and the corollary rewards of investing intellectual capital, i.e., what you call "front-end investment." See point 2...



Rod Welch