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February 27, 1998                                        03 00050 98022701

Mr. Max R. Blodgett, II, P.E., L.S.
Construction Operations Division
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
San Francisco District
333 Market Street; Room 806A
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Subject:  Communication Metrics
               Demonstrate Internet to Deliver Business Intelligence

  1. Telecon Max/Rod Feb 27, 1998
  2. Reuter's News Article, IBM Announcement, Feb 26, 1998
  3. Telecon Tom Keesling/Rod Feb 25, 1998
  4. Presentation HQUSACE Comm Metrics, Dec 2, 1997

Dear Max,

Here is an article published Thursday on IBM announcing a new initiative to market business intelligence.

Attached is an HTML file that demonstrates a new capability of SDS to deliver business intelligence via the Internet in a form that is easy for executives to absorb and navigate. Your Web browser should open when you click on it in your email program. The file explains why IBM may have difficulty providing useful intelligence, based on research in the New World Order paper, which is also attached for your comment, whenever you have time. Feel free to forward this submission to colleagues for input, since this is an advantage of "business intelligence."

I am developing a Web site so that links to other records can be accessed as well as the internal links. In a month or so, we should be able to demonstrate accessibility to real business intelligence.



Rod Welch