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September 30, 1997                                                                  03 00050 97093001

Ross A. Chittenden
Chief of the Office of Project Management
Systems Implementation
Department of Transportaoin
Project Management Program, MS 28
P.O. Box 942874
1120 N. Street Room 2106
Sacramento, CA  94274-0001

Subject:  Communication Metrics
                "Winning People Over" at Caltrans

Ref:   a. Telecon Ross/Rod Sep 30, 1997
          b. Welch letter Sep 29, 1997
          c. Meeting Ross/Rod Sep 26, 1997

Dear Ross,
Thanks for considering Communication Metrics. Effective communication makes people and organizations successful by getting things done with minimum conflict. Authorities contend that some conflict reflects an organization of ideas and energy. Trust is crucial; however, concerns cited today reflect a larger dynamic. As the millineum draws near, accelarating change threatens deep seated desire for stability, i.e., maintaining the status quo. Meeting this challenge requires new ideas, skill, hard work, luck and willingness to take prudent chances. Strong leadership can make this happen. I hope and trust that Communication Metrics can contribute. Please let me know if Jack can meet with us on this.



Rod Welch