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September 8, 1997                                         03 00050 97090801

Mr. Bill DeHart, PMP
Project Manager
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Grid Customer Services
245 Market Street; Room 681C, Mail Code N6D
San Francisco, CA  94177

Subject:  PG&E Needs Communication Support
                Communication Metrics Can Meet this Need

Ref:   a. Gordon Smith report to PG&Eers on "Communication" Sep 5, 1997
          b. Communciation Metrics
              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' report, Mar 28, 1997
          c. PG&E SDS Evaluation, Dec 30, 1994

Dear Bill,
Attached are analysis and ideas for consideration pursuant to Gordon Smith's letter to PG&Eers dated Sep 5, 1997. He requests ideas and methods to improve PG&E performance through better communication. Your report, ref c, and the recent report by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ref b, provide ideas and methods that can accomplish this objective.



Rod Welch