Rod Welch
440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

December 22, 1996                                                                    03 00050 96122201

Dr. Richard Popejoy
Richard Popejoy, DDS
20392 Town Center Lane #7B
Cupertino, CA  95014

Dear Richard,

Thanks very much for mentioning the wrestling event at Cupertino HS on Jan 11.
Good to hear you are feeling well and your family will be home for the
holidays.  From our discussion, and with Kathy, sounds like you have had an
interesting year.  The attached stuff is just showing off a bit.  I know you do
not have a lot of time to read; but, there may be something of interest in
these ideas that we can mull over the next time we visit.  Could not reach Ron,
so if you talk to him, let him know I called.  Thanks.



Post Script:

If I sent the attached to my dentist I am sure he would fire me as a patient for the reason you cited of not having enough time to read and write. Possibly, you can humor me a bit, as a friend, on the error in this method.