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April 23, 1996

03 00050 96042301

Mr. David S. Vannier
Director of Mobile Architecture
Mobile & Handheld Products Group
Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Blvd; Mail Stop SC9-28
Santa Clara, CA 95052 8119

Subject: Proposal for Intel to study SDS


  1. Meeting Marcy/Bill/Rod Mar 26, 1996
  2. Meeting Dave/Rod Jan 3, 1996
  3. Meeting Dave/Rod Sep 27, 1995
  4. Dave's interview Byte Apr, 1991
  5. PG&E evaluation Dec 30, 1994

Dear Dave,

Attached is a proposal for Intel to study SDS as a way to meet your objectives in the Byte interview, ref d.

This study would verify that SDS improves management, as reported by PG&E, ref e.

That finding can lead to a business arrangement for Intel and Welch to create an "operating system for people and organizations" that would grow new markets and eliminate dependance on Microsoft. It would assuage the downsizing problem by making the Information Highway productive, using a new concept of education through "continual learning," called out by ISO criteria.

Our work on Asilomar shows Intel has the talent and energy to combine technology with management science needed to fulfill your vision in Byte. If you wish to proceed, we can begin immediately so preliminary results can be reported at Asilomar.



Rod Welch


Develop Proposal to Intel re Communication Metrics

P.S. Letter to PMI Communications, Apr 19, 1996, cites

Andy Grove
at bottom
of p. 3, as the model of good management that technology can support.