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Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 11:24:05 -0800

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Eric Parisek

Subject:   Research on Scheduling

Dear Eric,

Your letter on February 18 asks for information on a book regarding a scheduling company.
Thanks very much for making use of SDS support for granular addressability by citing the specific location in the record on January 19, 1993 that spawned your inquiry. Your ability to figure out independently without training or support how to apply explicit links advances the ball on using technology to augment intelligence for saving time and money, as set out in NWO. and reviewed in the record on May 26, 2001.
Your question about "scheduling" may relate to a lecture on February 2, 1995 by Kerzner presenting his book proposing integrated cost and schedule control. Kerzner's work then led to integrating cost, schedule, and communication for effective management with a system of Communication Metrics.
Please let know if this background is helpful.



Rod Welch
Post Script

I am sending copies of your letter to a few colleagues showing progress on people intuitively discovering use of explicit links for precision access to improve accuracy that saves lives, time, and money. ..
Copy to:
  1. DeHart, Bill"
  2. Engelbart, Douglas C."
  3. Eyken, Henry van"
  4. Johnson, Garold L."
  5. Jones, Morris E."