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Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001 14:56:53 -0800

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Mr. Jack Park
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Subject:   Business Plan Modified

Dear Jack,

Based on analysis in your letter earlier today I removed the line in the draft business plan that says "No other technology or method can do this," which relates to improving alphabet technology cited in the prior sentence....

A search on the Internet seems to show only SDS records discuss improving alphabet technology. However, I agree with your point that others may have considered this approach, and that "chest thumping" should be avoided.

How else would you re-state the explanation of SDS to attract people like you to contribute, along with investors and sponsors for research?

Improving alphabet technology will provide a culture of knowledge that enables open source to flourish along with other aspects of civilization. This is a big reason to proceed by rising above personal sticking points. There is so much to do, and technology is only a small part.

Sharing ownership of SDS with you and others provides opportunity to strengthen literacy for a new way of working. I know your aim is not steal SDS. You have strong skills and a good heart. The challenge is to leverage complimentary talents through collaboration. If you feel now is not the time, then perhaps in another year or so. I have greatly appreciated your interest and generous comments on SDS, and wish you only the best.



Rod Welch

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