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Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 19:07:14 -0800

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Mr. Morris E. Jones
Business Unit Manager
Cable Network Operation
Intel Corporation
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Subject:   SDS Religion Communication Knowledge Intelligence

Dear Morris,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts the other day (November 29, 2001) on religion, SDS, etc. Many people share your feeling that cognitive science is too remote for practical application. Of course, we can make progress on SDS without mentioning cognitive science, per se, but discussion beyond data and information seems to conflict with religious perspectives.

Obviously, we did not start out in 1983 thinking collaboration would lead to issues of knowledge, intelligence, communication and religion. Things went well, enabling progress through trial and error, both in application and description. You were kind enough to point out that 3x5 cards, using more secretaries, accountants help explain good memory evident in SDS records.

Unfortunately, I have incorporated these artifacts into a broader picture for strengthening literacy by integrating time with alphabet technology, which provides a lever for lifting civilization. Yet, as well, people prefer not to contemplate fundamentals, as others have learned. (see Legend of Prometheus)

It is fascinating and humbling how God deals such elusive hands: enabling enormous gifts to soar like an eagle; but, suddenly being grounded by expression of ideas.

So, I apologize for asking you to advance ideas that are against your views, as I have this past year. It was not my intent to cause harm. It has always seemed to me your are ideally suited for helping set out a formal architecture of SDS based experience the past 20 years. We have discussed details a thousand times, so much of it is familiar to you. Now, I see that reaching beyond the realm of data and information to foster a culture of knowledge presents difficult issues.



Rod Welch