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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:31:23 -0700

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Mr. Jack Park
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Subject:   DCMA Consider SDS Jack Contribute
Implementing Knowledge Management (KM)

Dear Jack,

Communication today with DCMA keeps you informed as a possible collaborator on doing a Com Metrics project. At this stage there is only a 10% chance of getting an assignment for reasons discussed with DCMA on June 19, 2001. That's up from a 1% chance a month ago, so it is encouraging, but still a long way to go.

As you can see from the record on June 19, I have told Stuart that KM can only be considered a research project to discover how to deploy technology and skills to make leadership effective. Research entails doing KM to discover how to create useful tools, and how to deploy them.

Note Stuart says SDS is a near term solution for 2 - 5 years, which is about how long it will take to create a next generation KM capability, if we get started today working on the right tasks. That is about how long it will take for Bill to eliminate or impair SDS by bumbling intended to improve productivity, as reported by Microsoft on May 10, 2001. Doug raised this concern with me at his place on 010522. His hope has been that open source insulates usefulness from bumbling.

The problem with open source is that people work on what they feel like doing, rather on what needs to be done, because what is needed is counterintuitive, which eliminates incentive to perform action items. Thus, open source is less effective for starting a revolution, but it could help maintain innovative capability, once put in place. Our challenge is to light the fire, build momentum, provide visibility, and along the way discover how to help people transition from IT to a culture of knowledge. It is a big job that requires a lot of help.

In any case, I greatly respect your vision and talent, and of course recognize you have a personal situation that drives your agenda.



Rod Welch

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