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March 2, 2000

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Mr. John Murray, Ph.D.
Director of Software Systems
Software Engineering Division
Pacific Consultants LLC
1320 Villa Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

Subject:   SDS Breakthrough Technology
Meeting at Pacific Consultants on February 28, 2001, 1130

Dear John,

Further to our telecon yesterday, the record of meeting on Wednesday illustrates how SDS adds value to traditional management practice.

Please note that an important aspect of SDS is using the record online, rather than conventional practice of printing a report, because resources are readily available online for doing the work, which are not available in printed materials. Your idea about integrating graphics can enhance this benefit.

A word about following links.

Links are powerful, but present a Pandora's Box of complexity, when people get lost in the Garden of Knowledge. This letter is the primary level of communication. The link in paragraph one, above, to our meeting on February 28, 2001 is, also, a "primary" level, and should be opened, since the main purpose of the letter is to submit that record. All other links are "secondary." Open secondary links, like "Pandora's Box" in this paragraph, only if you want to know more about the subject at the link location, and only read a few sentences, or at most a few paragraphs, then click the back button on your browser to return to the primary level. This avoids the problem that occurs in conversation, where we wander off the main subject, and never get back.

Thanks very much for sharing with John Deneen, Marc Conover and I the important work underway at Pacific Consultants. We will keep in touch on opportunities for working together. I look forward to hearing your comments on POIMS.



Rod Welch

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  1. John Deneen
  2. Marc Conover
  3. Jack Park
  4. Doug Engelbart
  5. Pat Lincoln