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February 23, 2000

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Mr. Jack Park
Street address
Palo Alto, CA Zip
650 388 1108

Subject:   DKR Architecture

Dear Jack,

Your letter today finally opens the door for serious discussion about the DKR and OHS. Good work. Please comment on issues from review of your letter, when time permits (see #8 on use cases).

Wish you could join us for meeting with Pacific Consultants next week. Your vision seems critical to make progress. In another letter, John Deneen's work, along with Matt Conover, expediting a meeting yesterday with Jim Spohrer at IBM, as well as SRI and Pacific Consultants, indicates progress on your agenda.

Moving your agenda ahead addresses concerns at the world converence in Paris today on challenges facing industry transitioning from IT, which has run its course, to a culture of knowledge, explained in a letter to SRI on October 11, 2000. It presents a unique and powerful opportunity for the project you and John Deneen have in mind. Accordingly, your presentation to the Knowledge Technologies Conference next week might note widening concern for a knowledge solution, and that you are making progress.



Rod Welch

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  1. John Deneen