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February 23, 2000

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Mr. John Deneen
Deneen Consulting
Street address
Walnut Creek, CA Zip
925 229 1858

Subject:   Pacific Consultants, IBM, SRI

Dear John,

Terriffic job moving the ball ahead by visiting with key players today, reported in your letter to Jack. If a letter has gone out on follow up with the parties, please submit a copy. This may address a few questions from reviewing your letter today.

Looking forward to meeting with John Murray at Pacific Consultants next wednesday, per my letter to John on February 22, 2001. Possibly we can ride together, if your schedule permits. Some details on your meetings today would supplement Jack Park's ideas on system architecture, as guidance for meeting with Pacific Consultants next week. We can discuss by phone; or, if you have meeting notes, that would work as well.

For example, Jack suggests being prepared to discuss Use Cases for SDS. Some preliminary work on this has been done; perhaps we can coordinate on further ideas for meeting with Pacific Consultants.

Again, congratulations on getting these important meetings underway, carrying out planning on January 3, 2001.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Jack Park
  2. Matt Conover