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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 18:41:24 -0800

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Mr. Jack Park
Street address
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Subject:   Jack's Input for Meeting on 010228

Dear Jack,

John Deneen called yesterday afternoon and mentioned you might be out of town next week, as you note in your letter today, and shown in the record on February 21, 2001.

John called again late last night, and wanted us to meet with his new contact at Pacific Consultants today, either at SRI after Doug's presentation, or at Pacific Consultant's office in Mountain View.

I could not meet today, so scheduled for next week. I think it is important for you to attend, but understand your schedule has been previously committed.

If you have time, please submit ideas for an agenda.

This first meeting is just to consider if there is anything to talk about.

I am not sure the "control room" theory for using SDS will carry us very far, but at this early stage, where Pacific Consultants has no experience with SDS, starting in a "control room" or "command center" provides sufficient common ground to open discussions. I know that you and John have a broader plan for applying OHS, satellite capability, Lexus/Nexus and IBIS, which I have not really grasped yet. John submitted some of this to Pacific Consultants in his letter this morning, citing your letter on February 21, 2001.

Your input on this is vital, and of course John seems to have a good sense of the big picture, as well. Hopefully, he can attend on the 28th.

A key skill is how to explore constructively, without simply clutching at straws.

Will keep you posted on progress, and results of the meeting.

Have a good trip. Good luck with your book.



Rod Welch

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