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March 9, 2000

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Mr. Tom Field
QuickPen International
384 Inverness Drive South, Suite 200
Englewood, CO 80112

Subject:   Schedule Diary System
Unique Solution Everybody Needs

Dear Tom,

Thanks very much for thoughtful guidance in your letter today. No doubt professional marketing is desperately needed to help SDS succeed. I'm glad the letter to Jon clarified SDS. Your explanation noting a strong need for SDS unique capability lends encouragement to continue. It may not surprise you that details of your management practice correlate with a lot of senior people who want technology to aid their work. As you point out, it's not easy; so, glad that you found a solution with Jon's help.

You are correct that SDS helps organize information like the newsgroup example, and IE "Favorites," issue you cited. Please keep this opportunity in mind, and feel free to let others know about it. One advantage of SDS is that it works. There is a 15 year track record using the capability that can be reviewed to see how money is saved. People can say "Oh, I don't want to work that way." But at least they know there is a way technology can help, when the need becomes big enough (which usually is the next meeting - that's a joke - sort of).

Anyway, thanks again for the good thoughts.



Rod Welch