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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 08:12:33 -0700

Subject:  Management of project related information


Thought you might be interested in what others are also doing.

Thanks for the call.  I'll be back to you when I have unloaded a bit.


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>Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 09:01:46 -0400
>From: David Curling 
>Subject: Re: Management of project related information
>Further on the Project MIS. Also Harvey Levine has a decent article
>on "repositories" in one of the latest pmNetworks.
>Keep in touch.
>>From: "Chris H. Maryssael" 
>>Subject: Re: Management of project related information
>>Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 09:33:59 +0800
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>>From: Peter White 
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>>Date: Saturday, 16 August 1997 0:51
>>Subject: Management of project related information
>>>I'm looking for advice or suggestions on the integrated management of all
>>the information related to a project.

>>>Reasonably large project that will probably run up to two years with a core
>>project team of up to 10 (part & full time) with sub contractors who will in
>>some cases be co-located with the core team but in others remotely located.
>>>Process broadly will be - requirements - tender - responses - develop -
>>implement - review.

>>>It is expected that a significant amount of data/information will be
>>gathered/produced during this process, including, word documents,
>>specifications, spatial, designs, images, scanned information, etc. that
>>will in many cases be required to be updated. As well as the normal project
>>related requirements, schedule, resources, costs, etc.

>>>This information will be required to be easily available at various stages
>>to all members of the project team and the sub-contractors and for audit

>>>Is any one aware of a single integrated tool that can manage this type of
>>information or how do other project managers go about managing projects that
>>generate significant amounts of information.



>>My previous reply:
>> I think that tool exists, already "tailored" for you, ... and right here in

>> Let me contact the company which has developed (and still is developing)
>>that program, and I will come back to you soon.
>> Chris

>>Hello Peter! >> >>I have contacted OSS Enterprises Pty Ltd about the above mentioned tool you >>are looking for and hereunder is their answer: >> >>QUOTE: >>From: Pierre Van Osselaer >>Date: Sunday. 17 August 1997 8:42 >>To: Chris Maryssael >>Subject: Project Management - IMS >>--------------------------------------------------------- >>Dear Chris >> >>In reply to your e-mail regarding integrated management of all information >>related to a project, I confirm that we do indeed have a tool that may be >>appropriate, or can be customised to fit the requirements. In order to >>establish the relevance of our tool please note: >> >>The tool is called IMS (Integrated Management System). It is developed in >>Filemaker Pro 3 (for Apple, Windows 95 or Windows NT) and is part of a >>series of tools that also include a document/notes management system for >>research, a library/records management system (under development), and a >>number of ancillary modules most of which concern the management of special >>processes. IMS itself is a tool designed to manage medium to large size >>projects and includes the following: contact management (clients and >>suppliers), staff registration, project tracking (project, stage, task, >>component), budgeting, tendering, reporting for contract and control, >>timesheet entry and occupation reporting, invoicing, account modules >>including project allocation and integration of disbursements in project >>costing, project costing reporting as well as other financial and >>productivity reports. >> >>Several Perth-based companies are using slightly modified versions of the >>IMS tool. They include a group of engineering companies involved in large >>construction projects in Australia and Malaysia, an ecological survey >>company working on major projects for industry and local government, a >>maritime transport agency, management service companies, and a printing >>management company. >> >>IMS includes links to modules controlling documents, categories, and notes. >> >>Electronic documents can be attached to elements of the system and can be >>opened from within IMS. >> >>The primary help system of IMS includes the interactive display at field >>level of the description and purpose of the information stored in the >>field. IMS is menu driven. >> >>IMS establishes an audit trail of all transactions, including date, time, >>unique transaction identifier, and user access. >> >>IMS is currently under reconstruction to accommodate new forms of navigation >>between elements of the system. The new version should be available within >>a fortnight. It runs on both Mac and Windows. It requires Filemaker Pro 3. >> >>IMS is, by design, a flexible tool that can be adapted to a variety of >>specific needs. >> >>IMS is not, as such, an off-the-shelve product. We offer customising where >>required. >> >>The current purchase price of IMS is AUD1500. Customising is per agreement. >>It is based on an hourly rate of AUD135 for analysis and AUD85 for coding, >>plus >>incidental costs if incurred. Invoices on customising are rendered at >>completion of agreed segments. >> >>If more information or a demo version are required, please do not hesitate >>to contact me. >> >>All the best. >> >>Pierre Van Osselaer. >>OSS Enterprises Pty Ltd. >>UNQUOTE >> >>Peter, >>I had seen a preview of this tool few months ago and, then, thought that it >>could be the solution and the answer to a lot of problems encountered by >>Project Managers (including myself). >> >>Best regards >> >>Chris >>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>Chris H. Maryssael CHM & Co. Pty Ltd >>Managing Director Project Management Services >>Western Australia Phone: +(61-8) 9385 5152 >>E-mail: URL:>>E-mail: URL: >>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >> >> > _________________________________________________________ > > David Curling Ottawa,Canada > WWW PM Forum Webmaster Phone: (613) 731-5381 > > > > "connecting the World of project management" > _________________________________________________________ >