Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95052 8119

May 9, 1996

Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111 2496

Subject:   Welch Proposal for Intel to Study SDS

Dear Rod,

This is what I heard you ask. What I agreed to was:
  1. to talk with Marcy about the possible quote from Andy. Not sure that he will want to endorse it exactly this way, but it depends upon if he has heard of this and seen it and believes in it.

  2. I will identify the right people to demo your capability to, to see if Intel would have an interest in trying to explore using this tool. As I said, I don't see it as following the same path that we have choosen, and hence not sure how it would fit.
  3. As far as the speech goes, I'm not sure I could stand up and say that SDS is the state of the art. This is something that so far you've not convinced me of. We agree that there are 2 issues:
  1. too much data, too little information, and
  2. a lack of access to the data anytime anywhere.
Intel's mobile products are working to address the number 2 problem. #1 is something that Intel has choosen a completely different path than SDS. I'd be surprised if SDS is something that truely excites us, but I am trying to stir up interest in a 1 hour meeting to give you a shot.


David Vannier