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January 26, 1993

Mr. Rod Welch
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Subject:   Wendling Theory, Practices and Services


Good talking to you and learning more about SDS. Here's the information on us. Talk to you agaon soon.


Jim Wendling


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             NEGATIVE        BELIEF SYSTEM          POSITIVE
              ACTION           (VALUES)              ACTION
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8952 Barrhill Way; Fair Oaks, California 95628; 916 965 4933, Fax 4803


The Concept:

Toward the year 2000, organizations and the people who comprise them will be met with the challenge to change.

This challenge may come in the form of downsizing, restructuring, merger, deregulation, new competition, new technology, obsolescence, or shifted values.

The issue is not whether change will come, but when will it dramatically effect current operations?

Organizations who adapt to changing conditions will survive . . . those who can't, or don't . . . won't.

Our Company:

The Wendling Group is a California-based consulting organization which assists individuals and corporations in meeting the challenge of change.

We are committed to providing people, programs, methods and materials to foster customer-based, value-driven approaches necessary to grow in a market-based economy.

We meet with you, discuss your values, vision, and environment, and then design a program specifically to your criteria. We combine a focus on personal management skills combined with saleslservice development strategies to enhance performance on the job and at home. Our services enrich the quality of people's lives by instilling a sense of commitment, purpose, and responsibility to themselves, their relationships, and their work. People who operate on purpose make greater contributions at work and that is good for business.

Our Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing world class consulting, training and professional develop- ment products and services to enable increased productivity and profitability for our client organizations.

Our Values:

Regarding The Wendling Group's values, five are preeminently important to our organization: Integrity, Excellence, Dependability, Service and Leadership.

These are inter-related and are based on a foundation of integrity.

An Attitude for Achievement A Commitment to Excellence A Desire to "Be the Best"

Through our practice of these service features, the result and benefit of our company will be a position as the most efficient and effective in our market, a reputation for dependability and a long-term legacy of quality.

This reflects our personal vision which is, a majority of organizations and people perform far below their abilities and expectations. Our belief is that success is predictable. It requires a commitment and a decision. The decision to learn how. The Wendling Group is dedicated to supplying the "how" to organizations and their people who make that commitment.

Our Service Description:

We are a consulting firm positioned as a training resource to the general business community.

Our purpose is to enhance performance.

We provide people, programs, and services to our clients which engender maximum professional achievement through personal commitment.

Our focus is on personal management skills combined with sales development strategies. This leads to more effective living, thinking, and working. We believe that people living responsibly, thinking clearly, and working with a sense of purpose are more committed to themselves, their relationships, and their professions.

We design our services based on your unique situation and your specific criteria. We conduct an initial interview on your premises, ask direct questions to understand your priorities and listen to your answers. Then, after careful consideration, we will make recommendations which address potential solutions to your problems or steps to achieving your objectives. With your approval, we will implement a pro- gram guaranteed to produce results. We back our services with over ten years of committed service and hundreds of satisfied cliends.

Our Client Organizations: Our Solutions, Systems and Services Include: Typical industries represented by The Wendling Group include: O Corporate Curriculum O Insurance . Total Quality Management O Commerical Real Estate O Telephone Equipment O Executive Curriculum O Cellular Telephone Strategic Planning Techniques O Industrial Sales Companies O Financial Services O Management Curriculum O Medical EquipmentlSupplies Effective Manager Series O Title Companies Professional Development Series O New Home Builders O Investment Brokers O Professional Curriculum O Mortgage Lending Institutions Psychology of Success Psychology of Achievement Time Management for Results

Our Client Characteristics: O Sales Curriculum Professional Selling Skills Small to medium sized businesses with Advanced Selling Skills between 5-1000 employees and generally: Superior Sales Management

O Commission Oriented O Diagnostics O Competitive Organizational Surveys O Growing or Declining Markets Individual Surveys O New Business Oriented Time Management Surveys O High Turnover Personality Skills Profiles O Moving Towards Relationship-based Sales Skills Profiles Sellin~ vs. Transaction Oriented O Continuing Self Development Resources Books Our Client Organizations Include: Tapes Accessories American Capital Corporation Foothill Securities, Inc. M. L. Stern & Co., Inc. Financial Network Investment Corporation Sentra Securities Corporation International Association for Financial Planning Your Entrepreneurs Society Keogler, Morgan & Co., Inc. National Association for the Self Employed . The Prudential

"Like all businesses today, ours is extremely com- petitive. I learned more with you in 2Y2 days than in all my innumerable hours of prior study."

Paul Ruedi Strategic Capital Management

"In a society that is increasingly litigious and adversarial, The Phoenix Seminar is a breath of fresh air. I would be pleased to recommend it to any individual, group or company that is looking toward life and work well beyond the norm of everyday existence . "

William T. Nicholson Chaparral Steel

"I've been a stockbroker for 18 years and a student of self improvement for the last 5 years. I've attended many training programs and yours is the best of all of them."

J. David Cowart A. G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.

"I am now in the training department for Chevron at Bakersfield, California. Your program is being offered to the Isoo employees in our Business Unit."

Ray A. Blackwell Chevron U.S.A., Inc.

"Your program was the best investment of my time and our company's money I have made. It is going to be an ongoing process with our sales organization as personal development is one of our priorities of the business ."

David Cottrell Federal Express

"Since your program, my performance has been spectacular. As of today I have opended cases that will quadruple my monthly goal. The biggest help was your course and the continual use of the cas- sette tapes."

Jack Nelson Financial Network Investment Corporation

"I have recommended your seminar to all agents in our office and will endeavor to see all new agents receive it as part of their initial training."

Janet Hull Nnrth Ameri~an Life

"The course was without a doubt a major turning point in my sales career. Over the last 6 months, I've increased my sales 300%."

Peter Cassell Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company

"I would strongly recommend this system for any organzation . "

Timothy Jimerson IDS Financial Services, Inc.

"Since the mid-1980s some 2 million middle-management positions have been permanently eliminated. " Business Week--March 23, 1992



Executive Management Forum at

National University 9320 Tech Center Drive Sacramento. CA


This fast-paced series of 10 Multi Media Management Seminars on video, with audiocassette and workbook accompaniment, has been designed to convey the greatest amount of usable informa- tion in the shortest possible amount of time. The material in each program is based on information which has been developed for and used by leading companies over several years.

This series is constructed around the Pareto Principle--that 80 percent of the value of the information on any subject is contained in less than 20 percent of the material available. In this series you get the top 20 percent of ideas - the techniques you can begin applying today to be more effective and achieve far greater results in both the short and long terrn.

The Effective Manager Series has been devised, researched and presented by Brian Tracy, one of the world' s foremost authorities on management development. Brian's experience and ability in presenting the most up-to-date and valuable material in an exciting, educational, and entertaining fashion is central to the effectiveness of each of the ten programs.

Management's most valuable resource is time.


People learn in three ways: visually (see the information); auditorially (hear the information); and kinesthetically (feel or write the information). A term for including all three forms simultaneously, thus achieving greater learning effect, is "multi-media". Each seminar is offered in a multimedia video, audiocassette, and workbook format to ensure maximum learning retention.

Each program is a condensation of 21 valuable ideas, methods and techniques drawn from years of practical experience and research. Thousands of hours of reading, research, and planning have gone into the series, giving the participant the essential material needed to be more effective in each primary area of concern - immediately.

These programs are highly developed and lively presentations. They are fast-moving, entertaining, informative, and enjoyable to watch. Brian Tracy is a master of the video medium, and thousands of people worldwide attend his video seminars each month. To promote a lively exchange, attendance will be limited to 60 participants, so please register early.

Through the Effective Manager Series you save time, you save money, and you get high-quality, low-cost management training in key areas where your organization must be effective to realize its full potential.


January 15th Setting Business Strategy January 22nd Leadership--The Critical Difference January 29th Motivating People To Peak Performance February 5th Marketing Strategies For Fast Growth February 12th The Excellent Manager February 19th Managing Meetings That Get Results February 26th Negotiating Strategies & Tactics March 5th How To Hire...How To Fire March 12th The Creative Manager March l9th Pathwavs Toward Personal I


Space is Limited Registration: 7:15 A.M.

Continental Breakfast: 7:15 A.M.

Program: 7:30-9:30 A.M.

Materials: Workbook and audio cassette tape on each subJect

Cost: $25.00