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June 20, 2004

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Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
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Subject:   KM Cluster Seminar in New York

Dear Rod,

This is an invitation to attend...

New York City KM Cluster Knowledge Leadership :: June 25, 2004 :: This Week!
Building Knowledge-based Organizations and Developing the Knowledge Leaders of the Future

The silent killers of effective knowledge leadership are the pervasive 20th-century traditions of linear, mechanical and reductionist thinking paired with their obsolete managerial behaviours of control, dominance and technocracy.
Much of the orthodoxy of 19th-century Newtonian thinking is unsuitable for 21st-century knowledge leadership. A recent example of this organizational pathology is the reengineering fiasco of the 90s. This mechanistic, cost-reduction management fad destroyed capabilities, competencies, trust and value. Even today some managers still use machine metaphors to describe their knowledge leadership efforts!
In the future, how we think about opportunities and how we approach them will often be far more important than the actions taken.
New leaders often try and speak of a knowledge ecosystem. They then attempt narrow control of ecosystem elements as separate, self-contained applications, tools, processes or content. People are often cogs in the machine. These prescribed efforts and rigid, artificial boundaries account for most all the failures of knowledge-based initiatives.
Knowledge ecosystems are fundamentally interrelated, interdependent and irreducible. The knowledge leaders of the future embrace holism and identify with the primacy of the total system. They nurture the complementary dynamics of knowledge. Knowledge leaders strive to expand relationships, enhance conductivity and amplify the intrinsic social orientation of all knowledge-based organizations, ecosystems and economies.
Top knowledge leaders routinely 'suspend their disbelief' to unlearn their harmful industrial-era habits and models. They learn from the emerging future through authentic conversation. 21st-century knowledge leaders actively pursue external interactions and continuously use genuine action/research networks to their strategic and collaborative advantage.
"Tomorrow is our permanent address." - Marshall McLuhan

New York City KM Cluster+® Summer 2004 :: Knowledge Leadership

This message is your personal invitation to join the Knowledge Leadership conversation.
The KM Cluster is a worldwide community action/research network for the knowledge economy. This leadership event is part of the Next Practices™ Series.

Special note: This gathering very popular. You are encouraged to register by Wednesday, June 23, 2004, due to building security requirements.
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Knowledge Leadership: Building Knowledge-based Organizations and Developing the Knowledge Leaders of the Future

Fri, June 25, 2004, 9:00am - 5:00pm (this week!)
New York
Main Theater Room
Americas Tower, 35th floor
1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
T: 212-403-7800


Agenda Highlights...

Bill Ives and Adriaan Jooste of Deloitte will lead a conversation on four specific knowledge leadership practices: They will draw on case examples to illustrate Next Practices™ in these four areas. Complementary relationships with work by Davenport & Prusak and Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski & Flowers will be discussed.
The others sessions include:

Robin Athey, Deloitte Research, on Emergent Ideas in Leadership

Michael Burtha, Applied Collaborative Strategies, on Enterprise Knowledge Leadership
Curt Linberg, Plexus Institute, on Knowledge Stories and Complexity

David Hawthorne and Richard Azzarello, on Talent Visualization Systems

Registration is open now, but will close Wednesday due to building security requirments.

You are welcome and encouraged to circulate this invitation in your professional orbit and to have your colleagues register and join. All are welcome. This is an exciting event and will fundamentally advance a major barrier to more effective knowledge-based practices. Secure on-line registration in advance Before Wed, June 23, 2004, is obligatory.
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We hope to see you there!
New York City KM Cluster+® Summer 2004


John Maloney