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Date: Friday, February 27, 2004 3:04 PM

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Mr. Garold L. Johnson
Modeling and Simulation
5301 Bolsa Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647-2099
Subject:   Possible Presentation at SRI

Hi Gary,

Somehow, I think my post to Rod got blown out of proportion. I believe that I said I would like to see how your records were shaping up as a means to evaluate the work of someone besides Rod. I also mentioned, as I recall (not using SDS, I'm somewhat captive to a failing memory), I thought it would be nifty if Rod could come here and demo his work, showing how records are created and the value they bring to the user.
I also framed my suggestion with the caveat that his work not be cached in some variant of a salesman's talk; rather, my thoughts were that his work is of sufficient merit that some of the scientists in my group may appreciate being exposed to the dimensions Rod applies to event analysis.
It's pretty amazing that the CALO project here turns out to look like a wrapper for Outlook. It's true, we did put an instrumentation wrapper on Outlook to see how people use it, but the project I am working on is much closer to an amanuensis, one that learns by observing; perhaps an automated SDS, maybe not.
Nothing formal has been initiated here in regards to a talk about SDS; rather it has been closer to a "what if" door I opened with Rod. I am very sorry to hear about his health situations; perhaps I'll give him a call.
Perhaps, some day, you will fill me in on your experiences with SDS.



Jack Park
CALO Project

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