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Subject:   Ecco Good PIM Product Not Successful in Market
How Viable is Ecco? (TLI / Easy ECCO links)

Dear Rod,

This perspective [in the attached letter] is about Ecco, an amazing outliner that has not been supported for more than 5 years, and yet there are nearly 1200 members on the email list.
The points that he makes about the majority of people not being willing to invest the effort to learn any application that actually requires learning matches my experience very closely.



Garold L. Johnson

Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 8:37 PM

From:   Tom Hoots [mailto:thoots@attbi.com]

To:     iceblink42

Subject:   [eccopro] How Viable is Ecco? (TLI / Easy ECCO links)


Hehehehe. Here's my perspective [on your comments about Ecco] ECCO works =flawlessly.= It is perfect, and blindingly fast since it was built before these so-called "modern" things were written with so much bloat built into them that I can't stand it. What, oh WHAT ON EARTH is feeding this mantra that it must be "rebuilt?" I would bet REAL MONEY that I would prefer the original ECCO over anything that anyone could come up with to "copy and improve upon" that original.
And now, here's my perspective on reality:

ECCO is a niche product in a niche category. You wanna get rich? Ain't gonna happen here! "Normal" people can't figure out how to use ECCO. Heck, "Normal" people generally don't think they even need to use something called a "Personal Information Manager" program. ECCO can be difficult for even "power users" to comprehend and move forward with. This simply isn't something you're going to sell to the big mass market. So, there's not a lot of incentive to invest a lot of money into something like this. Plus, Microsoft now owns the whole category with Outlook. It can be used by "normal" people, and it has the barely-useful limited stuff that "normal" people can comprehend using. So, there's even less incentive to envest a lot of money into something like ECCO.
That would be my take. Though, I =do= agree with you that "the talent and the desire are both there."


Tom Hoots


> Tom, you seem to be the goto guy when it comes to Ecco.  Here's
> something I'm wondering; obviously a lot of very talented
> programmers are passionate about Ecco and the unique way it allows
> data to be organized and manipulated.  Why hasn't anyone yet
> recreated Ecco in a more modern application?  Surely the talent and
> the desire are both there, aren't they?

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