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Mr. Rod Welch
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Subject:   Metadata Organizes Email Information into

Dear Rod,

This article is about a program that helps sort email and how it could be done better.
The interesting part to us is near the end where Udell talks about the problems of adding metadata easily in the process of producing content.


At InfoWorld's recent Web services conference, Google's cofounder Sergey Brin gave a keynote talk. Afterward, somebody asked him to weigh in on RDF and the semantic Web. "Look," he said, "putting angle brackets around everything is not a technology, by itself. I'd rather make progress by having computers understand what humans write, than to force humans to write in ways computers can understand." I've always thought that we need to find more and better ways to capture metadata when we communicate. But I've got to admit that the filtering and folders I use in Outlook require more effort than most people will ever be willing to invest. There may yet turn out to be ways to make writing the semantic Web easy and natural. Meanwhile, Google and, now, ZOCB remind us that we can still add plenty of value to the poorly-structured stuff that we write every day. It's a brute-force strategy, to be sure, but isn't that why we have these 2GHz personal computers?


Garold L. Johnson