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Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 9:23 AM

Mr. Garold L. Johnson
Dynamic Alternatives
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Subject:   Bridge to a New Way of Working Begins with Study


Rod tends to put trite sayings and slogans in his paragraphs, and the real meat is somewhere else. I'm looking for a document with an executive summary, and the meat in 25 words or less. The links should be as unobtrusive as footnotes in a regular document. To simply list a long bibliography (Links) with a few marketing slogans is not a letter I understand or get much from. I pay about as much attention to it as an insurance ad on TV. (Which all have small print and "links")
If we turn all correspondence into research papers, then people will have to change the way they work. This is another thing to be overcome. Many times, people don't have much to link to. If you are doing a job centered around a "contract". It is a good reference point, and serves as an absolute definition of what is to be done, and the impact of non performance. Many people are working to get to a contract, and starting with a "blank" sheet. You can build the "links" as you build common understanding, but the record is not an absolute in that case.
Common understanding changes as the program progresses in the development phase. In a company setting, "contracts" are often not made between groups. This is a result of studies made in the 30s that showed there is a benefit of having a company over a certain size. The costs of administrating the "contracts" for services go away. (They may be replaced with lowered efficiencies). For this reason, legal, finance, engineering, and other "professions" were brought into a corporation, and ask to work together to achieve some common goal. This replaced the myriad of contracts that these professionals held with the company in the past.
Without the "contracts", you have different points of view on the team. Rod has never resolved the issue of a program having 50 conflicting records. He just assumes his is the correct one. My experience is different. Each service organization will create an adversarial record that will show his department performing flawlessly, and the other departments failing to deliver for the program. Rod has used the record to support a clients position during contract disputes and claims management. If everyone does the same, the records all become just more biased talking points. The analysis is nothing more than justification of ones position in the end unless a very mature person performs careful and thoughtful analysis.

Morris E. Jones