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Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 11:38 AM

Garold (Gary) L. Johnson
Dynamic Alternatives
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Subject:   Bridge to a New Way of Working Begins with Study


Points noted. I find that few people are using the business practices they know. There is a significant gap in what they "know" to the discipline of how they "perform". Is the problem knowledge, or discipline? How many people have been trained in good program practices, in process and task improvements, told about numerous BKMs, but never really use them. I have referred to this as the problem of "feel good" management.
The question remains. Do people need better tools, or just start using the hammers they already have?

The decades of service oriented matrix organization has left us with a situation where the program manager is often little more than a reporting arm of a complex work environment. If one person is in charge, then they can keep the record, and have an "impact" on peoples lives. Otherwise they simply become someone outside of the department we can ignore. After all, they don't write the performance reviews. I support your opinion in this.
These problem are not solved by SDS, but by organizational structuring, and accountability standards. Often a service organization is not measured on project performance, but on internal metrics. The service group leader will maximize these internal metrics at the expense of external programs. (That's how he gets measured and paid).

SDS can help an individual stay organized "IF" he develops the discipline to use it. It will not fix any endemic organizational issues.