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Subject:   FYI: DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML)
for Total Information Awareness
Tools, Rapid Knowledgement Formation, and Collective Action

RE: Draft ideas for presenting a pitch for developing, testing, and applying Knowldege Management tools in pilot projects for mitigating any conceivable crisis situation.


As discussed over the phone, I'm trying to compose an email to Mel Chew (MH Chew & Associates), Dale Dexheimer (Bechtel), and possibly others.. Its very rough and needs alot more work, but before I go further do you have any suggestions, including succinct words about how a SDS framework could be developed for integrating it all?

Thanks again,


John Deneen

Dear Mel Chew and Dale Dexheimer,

Relative to your consulting expertise at MHChew & Associates/Bechtel and the critical need for "rapid knowledge formation" services required by your clients at DOE/DOD/Department of Justice, etc. during any crisis situation requiring collective IQ action to help mitigate, I'm thinking you might be interested to meet and discuss opportunities of possible pilot projects with Rod Welch, Doug Engelbart, and Curtis Carlson (CEO at SRI), etc.,

If possible, please join us in celebration of Dr. Engelbart's National Medal of Technology award at a fellowship/media event and reception hosted by SRI in Palo Alto. The actual date and place has not yet been finalized, but probably will be determined soon after Doug returns from the Dec. 1, 2000 celebration in Washington, D.C.

For more info contact Mary Coppernoll


SRI's interests in covert Ultra-wideband (UWB) and sensor technology by Graviton, Inc. (Pres. Michael Nova, M.D.), including its startup funding by In-Q-Tel, Inc. (i.e., CIA's venture capital company) for a Tactile Situation Awareness System.

In-Q-Tel (located in San Mateo)

Tactile Situation Awareness System

Graviton Inc. is an ORNL spin-off company for commercializing IEEE-802..11 coupled IEEE-1451 wireless Internet sensor technology, including covert ad hoc UWB sensor networks for gathering collective intelligence.

UWB micro-RF tags for tracking Bee Hive and Ant Colony behavior

The following additional links are possible examples of how covert ad hoc UWB sensor networks linked to Internet-based communications could be integrated by remote satellites and applied for the purposes of "rapid knowledge formation" intelligence and "collective (IQ) action" during a crisis situation:

Curtis Carlson explains...

..."As a potential top-level domain (TLD), .geo would enable location-based access to all Internet information that refers to any place or region. This information will be displayed as a conventional web page, as a map, or as a navigable 3D environment. ...Our revolutionary approach allows users to explore the Internet the way they move through the world," said Curt Carlson, CEO....

... According to Dr. Yvan Leclerc, Senior Computer Scientist and project director for the .geo initiative, "SRI's proposal meets ICANN's every objective. ..geo harnesses the convergence of computing, wireless and geospatial technologies to expand the value and reach of the Internet to the international community."

The purpose of the ...."DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) program, in conjunction with other international initiatives, is to aggressively develop a language for describing the meaning of Web content as well as developing associated tools that take advantage of it.

WebScripter is a tool that enables ordinary users to easily and quickly assemble reports extracting and fusing information from multiple, heterogeneous DAMLized Web sources.

Users can then publish their reports on the Web and have them automatically refresh to contain the most up-to-date information. The published reports are DAMLized as well - thus WebScripter-produced data can itself become the source of further reports.

This gives information consumers considerable added value. By leveraging DAML, WebScripter enables users to quickly create reports that would be beyond them using today's technology."

WebScripter solution

Benefits for information consumers

Benefits for information publishers

Larger-scale military applications:

Crisis Operations Planning Team


Official DAML public home page, the European sister initiative to DAML - Ontology Inference Layer (OIL), and the SemanticWeb.

Info about Total Information Awareness, etc. and other Information Systems Office (ISO) solicitations


DARPA\ISO Workshop on Tools for Collective Action and High-Performance Knowledge Bases (HPKB)

In conclusion, these areas illustrate applications for wideband mobile communications systems. Prof. Scholtz at USC explains:

..."UWB technology promises a host of fascinating applications that are being pursued by a number of companies, many of which have ties to USC. The technology also raises thorny regulatory issues.

The ability of radio to determine range is inversely proportional to its bandwidth, said Scholtz, professor and chair of electrical engineering/systems at the USC School of Engineering. Global positioning satellites span 1 megahertz of bandwidth to determine location quickly via satellite to an accuracy of roughly 10 meters. UWB radios transmit over a gigahertz or more of bandwidth.

"That's a factor of a thousand times more bandwidth, enabling measurements that are a thousand times more accurate than GPS," said Scholtz. "Ranging down to a centimeter or less, perhaps through walls and foliage, should be possible."

UWB'S RADIO'S ability to propagate through many materials, along with its precise ranging, points to interesting applications such as:

Ground-penetrating radar for land mine detection, including non-metallic mines, and underground imaging to rescue earthquake victims buried in rubble. Through-the-wall radar, hand-held personal radar units, home security radar systems and devices for quickly mapping the interior of buildings. 3D imaging systems for builders that can look into walls, floors and cement slabs to show embedded studs, wires, pipes (including plastic), rebar and other materials. The Integrated Media Systems Center at USC's School of Engineering is interested in using UWB positioning technology for *haptics,* the devices that impart artificial feeling and touch in virtual reality, and for in-building wireless computer networking systems.


John Deneen