Western Construction          Nov. 1977             p. 82

The Famous Inspectors School

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to be a Construction Inspector? You can now find out in the privacy of your own home by taking our Inspector's Profile Test. If you pass, you will be eligible for our correspondence course leading to an exciting career inspecting other people's work with virtually no accountability for your decisions. On graduation day you'll have the skills to inspect construction worth millions of dollars and double the cost to the contractor.

Many people have the innate talent and aptitude to be inspectors, but never take the first step. They don't know where to start. They aren't sure if they have the vision and determination to interpret work requirements unreasonably enough to cause delays and extra expense.

A few years ago we started the Famous Inspectors School and developed the Inspector's Profile Test to identify people with latent "inspector" talent. Our curriculum develops and sharpens your talent to its full potential. And our staff of twelve famous inspectors, each with at least one bankrupted contractor to his credit, has worked up a series of mail-order lessons based on plans and specifications from actual public works projects. Imagine, within just a few short weeks, you will be in the field rejecting work, and arbitrarily reducing monthly pay estimates so that a fabulously wealthy contractor is totally beholden to you! At FIS you'll learn:

That's not all!

Our after-training placement service guarantees employment following your graduation from the Famous Inspectors School. Virtually every major owner of large dollar construction projects supports our program of Continuing Inspector Education (CIE). As new, and unheard of demands for contractor performance evolve over time, our Inspectors are never caught short for ways to slow things up and increase costs. So why wait? Seize the opportunity. Dreams can come true. Listen to these testimonials from recent graduates:

"Since receiving your diploma I've worked for three different public agencies and have stalled construction on an underpass, a sewage plant, and a Little League park. To think that just two years ago, before I read your ad, I was sitting on curbstones with no education and no future! Thank you, FIS!''

Shelby M., Nederland, Colorado

"Thought you'd like to know that the local chapter of the AGC has voted me prize nitpicker of the year and has offered to send me all-expense-paid to Tierra del Fuego. By applying the techniques I learned in lesson Six, I got the contractor's insurance cancelled. precipitated a wildcat strike, and contributed substantially to a jump in the cost of living."

Lee S., Novato, California

Act Today!

Send one thousand dollars in small bills and our aptitude test and enrollment blank will go out to you today! Save $200 on our CIE program by advance payment of another $800 for our after-training placement program. You'll be glad you did.