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February 3, 2003

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Mr. Mark NLName
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Pkware, Inc.
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Subject:   Pkzip Date Settings and Manual

Dear Mark,

Thanks for your help today configuring pkzip to preserve the date of the file when assembling files for transfer to another computer. Two quick points...
  1. You mentioned that instructions on configuring pkzipc is in a manual that comes with the program. Our records show we did not get the manual. Please send a manual to us in an attachment via return email.
  2. When you assisted with configuring the pksip program some commands scrolled on the screen. One shows there is a "locale" command, that seems to configure alternate date formats for the -t time command. The standard format we use is yymmdd. Help at the command line does not seem to show how to select an alternate date format. Can you point out where this is explained in the manual, or otherwise provide the command sequence to make this change.
Thanks again for your help.


Rod Welch