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I received your voice mail this weekend, however I did not get a chance to call you back.
I took a system and installed only Dos 6.22 on it, and am only able to come up with about 618k of base memory.
I have included a screen dump of the information. The memory sizes are very close to what is available in Windows 2000 DOS VM
From everything we have looked in and discussed, your application used to handle memory up to the 1 meg limit. This application was written in Assembler, and dates back toward the 80286 instruction set.
In today's configuration, this is very limited and is not a recommended way of coding due to the limitations of the x86 instructions running in a real based mode.
It is recommended at this time to either update your application to run in the new operating systems, or to install a system seperately to specifically run the application in question

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Windows 2000 Server Performance Team

Brandon Robinson, MCSA MCP MCSE
Microsoft Professional Support

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