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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 22:52:11 -0700

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Patricia Utzurrum
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Subject: Send CD for Mahjong game

Patty and Pablito...

If the game program does not have to be "installed" then you can zip your program directory on the hard drive and send it.

Most of the games on your Mom and Dad's computer do not have to be "installed." They are older DOS based games.

If it is a game produced in the past 2 or even 3 years, it is probably a Windows game and has to be installed from the CD code. In that case we need the CD files rather than what is on your computer, because each installation is unique to the particular computer configuration for W98.

One way to evaluate whether the program needs to be "installed" is use Explorer to look at the root directory of the CD, or from a DOS prompt, do...

C>dir d:\

...where "d" is your CD ROM drive.

See if there is a file "install.exe"

If so, the program has to be installed from the CD, and so we need that stuff, rather than what is on your computer hard drive.

I am inclined to think the program needs to be installed because Bob said there was a program icon on the desktop. Installation creates an icon. So, in that case you need to send the code from the CD and not from the installed directory on your computer.

Two ideas to simplify...

  1. Just send the CD and we will send it back.

  2. Send me the name of the program, and the publisher and we will buy it in town or by mail order.

Next issue -- Amy is frustrated.

I think Amy is using a regular commercial ISP rather the service at the college. All commercial Internet Service Providers support attachments to email, so it is likely something in the setup of her email program. Usually the ISP has a technical support group. If she has not tried contacting them, she should do that. They are usually pretty good at solving the problem she is having.

Hope this has not added too much to your reading schedule.



Rod Welch