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San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
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May 19, 1999

02 05 02 61 99051901

Mr. Larry Smith
Service Manager
S & C Ford
450 Rhode Island Street
San Francisco, CA 94107-2320

Subject:   S&C Invoice #314868 for Service on May 7, 1999

Dear Larry,

Here is the record on S&C's work for May 7. It is summarized for ease in access to related information. Action items are listed to focus attention on the steps we feel S&C should take.

Clicking on highlighted links, opens related information on cause and effect, commonly called intelligence.

This record is complex. It may at first seem confusing to work with a new format. Please follow the links on Action items to focus on critical details.

I want to express appreciation to Barbara Stone and others at S&C who have worked hard to assist us. The modern management environment presents a growing challenge for leadership to maintain focus in a sea of details. Charles Mori noted previously the frustration every organization suffers to solve information overload that causes rework and loss. We look forward to working constructivley with S&C on issues from the May 7 service visit.



Rod Welch