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San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
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October 23, 1995

02 05 02 95102301

Mr. Bob Radcliff
Service Department
S & C Ford
450 Rhode Island Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Subject: Customer: 703616, Welch, M/R
Invoice 238805, Apr 7, 1995
Invoice 246377, Oct 9, 1995


  1. Welch letter Apr 8, 1995
  2. Five Points Tire letter Oct 19, 1995
  3. Welch diary Oct 23, 1995
  4. Welch diary Oct 20, 1995

Dear Bob,

Here is my diary for today, ref c, indicating S&C should make good on the General tire warranty for the reasons shown in the diary, and in my diary for Oct 20, analysing documents received from Five Points tire, ref b, which are attached. It appears that S&C has made good faith efforts to service our vehicle and equitably adjust payments, however, it also appears we have been denied the benefit of the General warranty and that S&C was responsible. We defer to S&C's judgement about the remedy to apply, since your experience far exceeds ours, and S&C has always made fair dispostion of issues once the facts are clear.

Please submit the information requested on point 2 in the Oct 23 diary. This originally arose in our letter to S&C dated Apr 7, ref b. S&C did not respond at that time. Your colleague, Larry, noted that subsequent brake measurements reported by S&C on Oct 9, raise engineering issues that should be resolved in the interests of safety.



Rod Welch