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February 2, 2001

Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
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Subject:   Invoice and Warranty No: 0100468

QTY   Item          Description                          Unit Price     Total

  1   ATXCASE040    P4 ATX MID TOWER CASE 300 WATT            95.00     95.00
                    power supply .

                     No manufacturer is shown, the box
                    says made in China; parts list shows 30
                    components numbered according to an
                    assembly diagram.

                    There are extra I/0 Panel parts, possibly
                    to replace the installed panel if it is
                    somehow damaged.

                     Case has a fan mounted inside the
                    front panel, in addition to the heat sink
                    fan for the CPU. This fan blows hot air and
                    dust from inside the case outside an
                    exhaust register in the back panel of the
                    case.  The Quick Reference for the D850GB
                    main board shows on page 19 in para 11 an
                    explanation for connecting fans.

                     The case is shorter, but wider than other
                    cases.  This makes it easier to install
                    equipment,particualarly in the dirve bays.

                     Side panels are installed first, and
                    clip into slots, then slide down into the
                    final position.  The top cover slides
                    horizontally forward to hold the side
                    panels in place.  There is only a single
                    large headed screw that holds the top cover
                    in place.

  1   Motherboard   Intel D850GB P4 Main Board               265.00    265.00
                    with Intel NetBurst Micro-architecture

                    SN or ID number....

                       IMGB04811042 AA A22917 307

                     400-MHz System Bus
                    423-pin grid array socket for CPU P4

                       Diagram decals were not installed, so
                       did this.

                     Dual Rambus Channel Support
                    4 RIMM Sockets for PC800 and PC600
                    RDRAM up to 2 GB
                    AGP Retention Mechanism

                       Quick Start Guide page 7 says slot
                       requires a special AGP circuit board
                       with a "retention notch" at the end.

                     5 PCI slots
                    Communication, Network Riser (CNR)
                    (supports modem, network or sound)
                    ATX Form Factor
                    Intel Rapid BIOS Boot
                    Ultra Fast ATA/100 Disk Support
                    Supports up to 4 USB Ports--Dual Stack
                    Rear Connectors, Header for 2 Front
                    Panel USB Connectors
                    CPU Retention mechanism and Clips
                    ATX 2.01 Compliant I/O Shield
                    Floppy and IDE Cables
                    Board and Back Panel I/O Layout Stickers
                    Two Continuity RIMM Modules
                    Quick Start Guide


                    CD ROM Featureing Intel Express Installer

                       Intel Active Monitor
                       Norton Internet Security 2000
                       Encryption Plus Secure Export
                       Software Drivers
                       Desktop Board D850GB Product Guide
                       Desktop Board Limited Warranty

                    Warranty - 3 year limited

  1   CPU1200       Intel P4 1.4 GHz MMX 400 MHz Bus FPGA    499.00    499.00

                    Flat connection to main board, not a slot
                    connection, as with the PIII on the
                    SE440BX-2 Board in C11.

  1   COOLER0844    Intel P4 Cooler Ballbearing                0.00      0.00

                    This is installed with clips on top of
                    the CPU.  There is an extra set of
                    installation clips.

  2   MEMRBUSS001   128 MB RAMBUSS PC800 DIMM                229.00    229.00


                    Tony showed there are two banks of
                    128 RDRAM installed.  There are two
                    more banks that can accept 128 MB
                    RDRAM Chips, and these are filled with
                    a temporary component that must be
                    installed in any memory slot that is
                    used for actual RDRAM.

  1   VIDEO062      Diamond Viper 770 32M AGP 4x              75.00     75.00
                    RIVA TNT2 Chipset

                    Raul said when I called this morning
                    that the ATI Fury Pro he quoted would
                    not support the D850GB main board, so
                    PC Doctor substituted a higher performance
                    video card at no extra charge.

                     This may reflect comment on page 7 of
                    Quick Start Quide that explains the AGP
                    video card must have a special slot.

                    Page 18 of the Quick Start Guide

                    Installing the AGP Pro50 Retention Mechanism
                    (D850GBAL only)

                     Since we have the D850GB, this requirement
                    seems not to apply.

  1   HDIBM00131    46 GB 7200 RPM 1MB Deskstar Hard Disk    155.00    155.00
                    drive ATA-100 Fixed
                    PN 07N3931
                    Model:  DTLA 30705 ATA/IDE
                    SN:  YMDYMM51432

  1   FLOPPY011     Floppy Drive 1.44 3.5                     15.00     15.00

  1   CDROM0061     Toshiba DVD CDROM 12x IDE                 95.00     95.00

  1   SOUND0071     VIBRA PCI Sound Blaster Creative Labs     25.00     25.00
                    128 VOICE

  1   NETWROK025    3COM 3C905-TX 10/100BT COMBO Ethernet     49.00     49.00

  1   FAX0007       US Robotics FAX/Modem 56.6                69.00     69.00
                    PCI Internal v.90

  1   SOFTWARE104   Windows 200 Pro OEM Full Ver CD          145.00    145.00
                    Manual, Step by Step Setup CD
                    Product Key:

                       MWGG9 C32YF VGKGF 4JPDC HYGT3

                    Number below product key

                        00019014 621 977

                    PC manufacturer is required to attach the
                    certificate of authenticity label to the
                    computer system prior to delivery.

                       This was not done.

  1   SERVICE0001   System assembly, test and 48 hour         30.00     30.00
                    burn in

  Subtotal......................................................... $1,979.00

  Sales Tax........................................................... 155.92

  Total Invoice Amount............................................. $2,134.92

Payment Received:    $2,134.92

Total Due.                0.00

All parts sold and all labor performed by the PC Doctor has a one year warranty unless otherwise specified. One-year parts and two year labor warranty cover all new PC Doctor systems. The PC Doctor will not return, exchange, or perform any warranty work without a copy of the original invoice. Duplicate invoices are available for $10.00 within 24 hours of your request. Used, clearance, or special order items, as well as, all monitors, and all software are nonrefundable. Shipping charges and processing fees are non refundable. A 10% restocking fee will apply to all returns, as well as to any custome built system cancellation. No returns or instant replacements on memory, CPU's or hard drives after 7 days. No returns or instant replacements on all other items after 30 days. Expressed or implied The PC Doctor's liability shall not exceed the purchased price of the part or service provided. A $25.00 fee will be applied to all returned checks. Warranty work is performed on a carry in basis only. Warranty does not cover software configurations, system settings, or user errors. All systems or components that are not picked up within 60 days become the property of The PC Doctor. All layaways are to be paid in full and picked up within 90 days. The customer agrees to pay the above amount and fully comply with the listed terms and conditions.

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